i360 Glass Passenger Pod Under Construction

We recently visited the Poma-Sigma factory near Lyon to view a trial assembly of the Brighton i360 handmade glass pod. The pod will accommodate up to 200 people and will take around 10 minutes to reach the top of the slender steel tower, offering a new perspective on Brighton and Hove.

Poma, who built the 32 London Eye capsules are the French company tasked with manufacturing the i360 pod. They are undertaking the trial assembly to ensure the pod is in perfect working order before making its journey to Brighton.

The fully enclosed aerodynamically shaped futuristic viewing pod is spacious and is 10 times the size a London Eye capsule. At 18 metres in diameter there is plenty of space to move around and see the view from different angles. Among other features, the i360 passenger pod will be heated and air-conditioned, is fully accessible for wheelchair users, has bench seating for passengers and will also house the unique Brighton i360 Sky Bar.

The next key milestone is the completion of the concrete frame by Mackley for the base building followed by the delivery of the glass pod from France.

You can follow the journey of the Brighton i360 here.