Brighton i360 Site Visit

A recent site visit to the Brighton i360 site was particularly interesting due to recent innovative engineering work to break open the Victorian brickwork of the sewer system that functions as the main sewer in Brighton and Hove. This was required in order to divert the flow around our base building as the sewer pipe must be 5.5m away from the perimeter of the beach building. Over the last few months, a 120m concrete tunnel to divert the flow has been built to be connected to the main sewer pipe which is a big challenge.

Many different solutions were brought to the table, but the most efficient and environmentally aware solution was to use a piece of kit – which looks much like an inflatable doughnut, which would allow us to bung up the sewer at the intended connection point and direct the flow into our newly built diversion pipe. This would then allow for us to build up around the bung and, once complete, enter the manhole and pull the plug on the inflatable.

Getting the bung in the Victorian brickwork pipe was a big challenge as it is shaped like an egg, rather than being circular as this is a stronger shape. The team had to anchor bolt the top section and cut away the bricks in small sections to ensure the bricks did not cave in.

Once a section had been completely freed, it was lifted by crane, giving the team the first look in to the Victorian sewer which had been sealed since 1869! The old sandstone bricks were in remarkable condition and will eventually be displayed.

Work on the diversion will hopefully be completed this week – an incredible bit of engineering.

To find out more about the project visit our blog.