Brighton i360 Reaches Full Height

The Brighton i360 tower reached a major milestone today as the last bolt was inserted to hold the top steel can in place, completing the 162 metre tall tower just 10 weeks after the cans arrived on Brighton beach. The final bolts were inserted by two apprentices working on the construction site.

Dutch company, Hollandia, has been leading the construction of the tower. The first 7 cans were lifted into place with a giant crane, before being bolted together; and the remaining 10 cans inserted at the bottom with the cans above lifted up using a special ‘jacking tower’.

The next major moment in the construction will be when work starts on building the giant observation pod, which will be big enough to carry up to 200 passengers. Segments of the glass pod, which has been designed and built by leading cable car designers POMA, are expected to arrive in Brighton in October and then work will begin on the beach buildings to create new event spaces, as well as a visitor centre and restaurant.