Julia Barfield Debates in the London Festival Of Architecture Headline Event

“Does London Need more Tall Buildings?

There are now proposals for over 230 new tall buildings to be built in London over the next decade, 80 per cent of which are residential. As London’s population continues to expand, is this high-rise vision of London’s future the right one for our city and its people?”


Julia spoke at one of the London Festival of Architecture’s Headline events, a debate and panel discussion on the changing London Skyline and the importance of strategy, design and planning procedures.

Julia raised important issues including looking at the failure of the planning policy to uphold design standards, the importance of London’s existing towers; 11 of which have listed status; and the need for decent and affordable housing solutions. Julia debated that London needs tall buildings however, these need to be well designed, community benefitting and appropriate.

“You can’t blight the skyline with a beautiful building”

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